Thinking of immigrating to Canada with children?

You will be happy to know that Canada is a country that invests heavily in the education of its children and citizens, in order to maintain a higher education among all citizens. When Canada maintains one of the best education systems in the world – and this is what the data show.

High results in the local education system

With a high school graduation rate of 85 percent, Canada is ranked 11th in the world in the grades of primary school students in the sciences and 13 in the world in mathematics, in the OECD indices, as of 2014. You should know there is a significant number of students that are children of immigrants. Canada is investing heavily not only in the country’s long-time citizens, but also in new ones, and this is another reason why it is worthwhile to consider immigrating to Canada, when the level of studies in the country is so high. It is an excellent country for children to get the best education possible at minimal cost.

Economic assistance in the education of your children

Unlike many places in the world, the Canadian government is financially helpful in educating citizens.

How is this clear and relevant?

Every citizen who opens up a child’s education savings is entitled to an additional 20 percent of the state for the first $ 2,500 invested. In addition, the state will proudly assists in many scholarships based on the skills of the children and generally speaking, whether for outstanding students or those who specialize in specific fields and conduct academic studies on the subject.

Various options for high school students

Studies in Canada are very diverse, with the state offering a wide range of learning possibilities, and not just the familiar dominant subjects. For example, the state offers pre-military programs to citizens who wish to focus in military careers. There are also programs that offer professional studies combined with practical study with museums in the country and even summer programs, which combine intensive language studies. All the programs are, of course, government approved and they contribute along the way. They also assist every citizen in accordance with his economic and private situation.

Canada is a supreme destination for people looking for an organized country that provides convenient services to its citizens, especially in the educational field.