Immigration to Canada for truck drivers

Trucks in Canada


As part of Canada’s political effort to recruit immigrants with other professional skills, the state also operates a special route to Canada for professional truck drivers. The purpose of the route is intended for truck drivers who would like to immigrate and work in Canada and build their new home and future in this country. The Canadian government welcomes immigrants positively and are very welcomed by the government – of course they must meet certain requirements, with the main idea is for  bringing professional skills that will enable you to contribute to the Canadian economy as well as society.


Minimum requirements for immigration to Canada for truck drivers:


Before Canada decides whether or not to open its doors to the immigrant, it asks that you meet a number of initial requirements that will grant you the right to apply for immigration:


You must have experience as a driver for at least 25 and not more than 55..

You must declare that you are not using drugs.

You must know English or French at a good level

You must have a clean criminal record in the last five years.

You must provide confirmation that you have not been involved in road accidents in the past four years.

If you meet the first five criteria, you will get brought to the professional side – Canada presents a list of professional driving skills that you should have experience and you are expected to have most or all of them in order to be eligible to apply to work in Canada. The list includes skills such as the ability to operate roadside emergencies, such as wheel replacement, the ability to work in a team, the ability to communicate with the center and other drivers through a civilian telephone or a civilian communication device, experience in transporting dangerous substances, such as checking oil, water and other skills and abilities.


Canadian truck drivers are wanted, there is a good supply of work in the field and if you dream of relocating to Canada. If you decide this is something you would like to pursue we are here to help you.