IELTS – Exam

IELTS tests the level of English of the Participants and includes several parts. The test evaluates your language skills – writing, reading, speaking and listening comprehension.


There are two exam types:

General- for people who need basic English language skills, if they are on their way to a workplace or other environment where they will need to communicate at the most basic level.

Academic- for people who want to study in English-speaking areas or go through any professional training.

In conclusion, anyone who wishes to immigrate formally to English-speaking countries including Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia must take the test. there are exceptions, each state has other requirements for the test.

In the case of immigrating to Canada – is it necessary to have the test? 

If you decide to immigrate to Canada and are interested in work visas, professional recognition or citizenship, chances are you will have to take this test. When you submit the relevant forms regarding your status, you will need to present a confirmation that your English level fits the country, and the certificate you need is the IELTS General Test. This international test is the only one received by the Canadian authorities, and there is no point in trying to present other certificates, which will not be relevant.


A useful certificate all over the world


It is important to note that the test is well known throughout the world and can certainly be a great advantage to those who successfully pass it. This is the most popular English test in the world, known in more than 9,000 organizations, including academic institutions, professional bodies and immigration authorities in several countries. The number of people who take the test is very high and includes 2.7 million people, who come from over 140 countries around the world. If you decide to immigrate to Canada, this test is essential and you must know the requirements. Contact us at, our representatives will assist you throughout the process and provide you with all necessary information.