Rights and obligations of permanent residents and citizens of Canada

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Canada is a country which offers many benefits to the citizen, They help in a number of areas for you and your family. However, in order to benefit from these rights, citizens must also contribute their share to the state, whether by tax, contribution to the community or other means.

Significant tax advantages

What are the benefits?

If you are interested in moving to Canada and have children, you will be happy to know that the government is assisting with significant allowances, which can reach up to 2,300 Canadian dollars a month. Of course, the issue depends on monthly income, place of residence and other factors, but the issue is of great importance and the state assists its citizens.

In the event, that you are interested in purchasing a home or other significant assets the state also aids.

For example, the government provides a program for opening an account without taxation (TFSA). In this situation, it is possible to invest your money for profit, free of tax. In addition, the state offers special programs and the convenience of renovating an existing property.Payments and donations – in accordance with the property and the economic situation.

 What are the duties of a citizen who wants to get the benefits mentioned?

First, it is important to note, that when you have a job in Canada, you have to pay income tax to the country. The tax is federal and is adjusted regularly to the annual income. If you decide to purchase property in Canada and have a home you own, you must pay property taxes, depending on the municipal authority where you live.

In addition, since 2013, the advantage of people who contribute to the community can receive tax benefits of up to 25 percent. The subject of course depends on the case, income and the total amount of the contribution to the Country. In conclusion, there are many benefits for existing citizens and for foreign residents who decide to do so.