What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

People who are considered to be Visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or go through a Canadian airport need an Electronic Travel Authorization. But, those entering Canada by land or sea do not require an ETA. Furthermore, there is a certain few that are visa-exempt foreign nationals who do not require an ETA, such as U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, include people with dual citizenship and permanent residency, cannot apply for an ETA.
An ETA is valid for up to 5 years or until your passport expires (whatever comes first).Take note, If you are to receive a new passport, you must also apply for a new ETA. With an ETA, one can visit Canada as often as one likes for up to 6 months at a time.

Who should apply for an ETA?

Travelers from the following country should apply for an ETA: It is recommended that Andorra; Antigua and Barbuda; Australia;  Austria; Bahamas; Barbados; Belgium; British citizen; British National (Overseas); British overseas citizen (re-admissible to the United Kingdom); British overseas territory citizen with citizenship through birth; descent, naturalization or registration in one of the British overseas territories of Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn Island, Saint Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands; British Subject with a right of abode in the United Kingdom; Brunei Darussalam; Chile; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, must have a passport issued by Hong Kong SAR; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Israel, must have a national Israeli passport; Italy; Japan; Republic of Korea; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Mexico; Monaco; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Papua New Guinea; Poland; Portugal; Samoa; San Marino; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan, must have an ordinary passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan that includes the personal identification number, United States, lawful permanent resident of; Vatican City State, must have a passport or travel document issued by the Vatican.

Requirements to enter Canada

-Those planning on travelling to Canada must meet the following requirements:

Have a valid travel document, such as a passport.-

Be in good health.-

-Cannot have any type of criminal or immigration-related convictions.

-You will need to convince the immigration officer that you have opportunities or ties– such as financial assets or family a job, home, – that will take you back to your home country.

-You will also be required to convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada the end of your visit

-Be able to financially afford the money for your stay (the amount of money you will need can depend on the length of your stay, and whether you are staying at a hotel, or with friends or relatives)